200 hr Yoga teacher Training Library

200 hr Yoga teacher Training Library

A collection of videos for 200 hour yoga teacher trainers. The program content is used for asynchronous evenings with Whole Body Paradigm School of Yoga.

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200 hr Yoga teacher Training Library
  • Strong Traditional Hatha

    Enjoy the benefits of activity and rest in balance. Working with jnana yoga - the path of the intellect, see what awakens in you from this practice.

  • Sun Salutation A

    Learn the nuances of sun salutation A and get a movement break

  • The meaning of Aum

    What does Om versus Aum mean? When is it best chanted and by whom? What does it actually mean? This is the kind deep learning you get in Yoga teacher Training

  • Shanti Mantra in the jungle

    A short explanation of the Shanti mantra with words to follow while in the jungle. A short 1.5 min sit after

  • Pranayama teaser

    Pranayama is how we use life energy to bring balance into the body and mind.

  • Nadi shodhana -part 1

    Nadi shodhana is alternate nostril breathing. If you can do this easy breathing variation once for 3-5 mins for 3 months, you will improve your health exponentially. We will add breath holds and variations in the next part. This first variation is natural breathing, not deep breathing.

  • What is a Jathi?

    A conscious, rhythmic movement done at your own pace will have you wondering why this practice did not translate from East to West. Even hugs are a jathi!

  • Hatha for the nervous system with Niki

    Morning or evening, this is a great class for balancing your nervous system.

  • Traditional Sun Salutation

    Such a great way to begin moving your joints when you don't feel inspired. Enjoy the detailed description and cueing of these common forms

  • Sun Salutation B

    Detailed explanation of this sun salutation. This is an Ashtanga lineage variation. It's a great way to get going

  • The Koshas philosophy

    What are the layers that surround our infinite light? How do we purify them with Yoga? Photo by Adrien Converse

  • Tree of Yoga - Part One

    A part of the 200 hr yoga teacher training sessions, see a brief overview of the yoga's roots - part one. We will span from 5000 BCE to 1300 CE in this lecture video. Learn where and how Patajail's Yoga Sutras and the Upanishads are situated in the context of Yoga. We will discuss Sanskrit, The V...

  • An introduction to the Upanishads

    The Upanishads are the official philosophical texts that help explain The Vedas. Following the oral tradition of Yoga, these texts were meant to be shared orally, through sound. The texts themselves are just signposts.

  • Tend to your heart yin class

    We tend to overdo our "chest-openers" in contemporary yoga. This class will take you inward to your tender heart. Slow, soft and deep. Give yourself time after to experience the reverberations of this heartfelt offering.

  • Meditation Demystified

    There are so many benefits of meditating and so many misunderstandings like "empty your mind". That's impossible! But you can begin to observe yourself and your thoughts and have moments of deep silence. Request further info on unceeded territories via [email protected]

  • What is yin yoga?

    For the full history, principles of yin and what this form of practice does to your fascia, check out my yin training that happens twice /year.

  • Yoga nidra in the forest

    A powerful practice of deep rest to rejuvenate your mind and body. This is great for a mid-day break to reset and re-energize with calm.

  • Shankara Deva Dharma Practice

    Enjoy this immunity booster technique at the beginning of class. Shankara brings you into the present with this practice and gives you the flavour of this lineage.

  • Hatha & the Koshas

    Learn about the illusionary sheaths (Koshas) in this Hatha practice and how we purify the layers so the light of your Soul radiates more brilliantly.

  • Assist lesson in Tadasana

    Gain a little insight into how to assist your student with a trauma-informed perspective

  • Assist lesson in Utthita Trikonasana / Triangle

    Understanding how the fascia moves helps to guide hands-on assists

  • Assist lesson in plank

    Perhaps one of the most challenging postures in yoga, learn how to assist and uplift

  • Assist lesson in twist

    There are many types of assists, here are a few, try it with a friend!

  • Yoga Teacher Talk

    Common questions asked during yoga training, how does a new teacher present confidence and humility? Yoga is the ability to hold the paradox

  • Storytime with Durga-Maa

    Enter into the sacred story that mirrors your own challenges.
    Artwork by Diego Pacheo

  • A Restorative class for Adrenal health

    Adrenal health is necessary for some and a joyful practice for others. Learn something new in your yoga.

  • Meditate with me

    Sometimes a little music and the presence of another can help you to stay aware in your mediation practice

  • Traditional hatha with 4 chair balance

    Sometimes you need a little help to start your asana practice. This class gets you there with fun sequencing

  • Types of Arkaya Pranayama

    Enjoy how these breathing practices make you feel!

  • Nadi Shodhana Progressions

    After practicing natural alternate nostril breathing, add a hold in between nostrils. In the yogic tradition, typically female bodies begin breath on the left side and male bodies begin with the right side. Feel free to play with this especially if you feel identified differently from your physic...

  • Box breath practice

    An intense vinyasa box breath practice that will heat you internally.

  • Finger counting for Breath

    The yogis have a great way to count breath on one hand using the thumb. Try it here for your own practice.

  • Bastrika breath

    A great way to relax your system and often done in traditional Hatha yoga practice.

  • Puppy panting breath

    Puppy panting breath is a great way to exercise your diaphragm and access it easily.

  • What is Mantra?

    Find out the six aspects of Mantra

  • Biotensegrity & Myofascial rolling

    Experience Biotensegrity in movement, it is how our fascia behaves based on the tensegrity model.

  • Boundary Meditation

    Inspired by Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP) feel this boundary visualization to feel the full expansion of your Self.

  • Short Vinyasa Flow - No Planks!

    Just a flowing standing vinyasa practice, no savasana. Lots of details to help you refine these forms.

  • Durga's bij/seed mantra

    Chanting mantra has profound affects upon the yogi. Learn more about the deeper practices in yoga

  • Retreat Day 9 Hatha with Gayatri mantra

    Get a full body strength and stretch with this Gayatri mantra hatha class

  • Shiva Shambhu Bhajan

    This Bhajan honours Shiva, the Adi-yogi, the first yogi who is known for destroying ignorance through realizing the true nature of reality. There are 108 forms of this God/energy. In the form of "Shiva," he embodies purity of mind and heart. Unlike Vedic recitation, Bhajan's melody and structure ...

  • Saraswati mantra

    Saraswati, the Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and music. Chanting these vibrations will bring you peace and open you to those unique qualities. This si a bhakti yoga practice - the devotional path is considered one of the quickest ways to transcend, but who's rushing?! I hope you enjoy chanting as ...

  • Saraswati mantra x12

    Listen and learn the rhythm and sound to maximize vibrational benefits of peace, harmony and you inner wisdom

  • Arkaya Tantra yoga

    You will be left feeling calm, peaceful and ready for the day or night. This is how yoga was meant to be done. Decolonize your yoga by returning to the roots.

  • Mudras & meaning & use

    Mudras have a big impact on your brain! Using a hand gesture to create a change in the mind is easy and part of the great tradition of yoga

  • Yoga Nidra for the pineal gland

    Deepen your understanding of the sixth chakra. I offer some of what The Hatha Yoga Pradipika says about the combination of the pineal gland and a yoga nidra practice.

  • Om mantra healing

    Use the syllable breakdown of AUM to engage the parasympathetic system of "rest and digest"

  • Chair yoga with Niki

    Sitting outside, Niki demonstrates that you don't even need a chair to practice! Enjoy her unique and deep understanding of the nervous system, breath and love for the practice of chair yoga. Recorded on the traditional lands of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh, Stó:lō, Səl̓ílwətaʔ/Selilwitulh and xʷməθkʷəy̓əm ...

  • Vata balancing

    Vata is a term used in Ayurveda to indicate characteristics of Air & Ether. People who have "Vata" in thier constitution tend to be creative, light, fun and great problem solvers. But when they are out of balance, they can be anxious, suffer with poor digestion and insomnia. This is a day tim...

  • Traditional Hatha with easy philosophy

    Come experience the full scope of yoga practice. It's not just asana but story, knowledge, pranayama and optional meditation

  • Durga mantra on the beach

    This simple bij mantra is a good way to start a mantra practice. Listen to it, chant it, let is become you...

  • Yoga Nidra to restore the vagus nerve

    It's so easy to become dysregulated, so here's a video to help you restore your balanced state of Being through a simple but powerful practice of yoga nidra

  • Emotional Resiliency with Yogacharini Maitreyi

    Yogacharini Maitreyi offers an introduction to her program in our 300 hr program on Emotional Resiliency. This video includes a short, gentle 45 min embodied practice.